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In recent years, the development of network technologies is opening up
new possibilities to enrich our lives such as mobile networks and cloud
computing. These new possibilities however require a higher
level of security, such as privacy. It is no longer sufficient to merely
to encrypt and authenticate the data communicated over the network.

To provide the high level security, “cryptographic protocol” is
researched and developedactively, and further 400 or more specifictions
related to cryptographic area undergoing standards organization. With a
steady stream of vulnerabilities being discovered in the wireless LAN
cryptographic protocol WEP however, protocols are not being analyzed to
a sufficient extent to cope with the advanced security needs of our
modern information and communication systems (ICT systems). In
particular, little effort has been made to bring together the latest
security information on a global scale, engage in expert discussion, and
make detailed technical security information widely available to the

We therefore decided to establish the Cryptographic protocol Evaluation
toward Long-Lived Outstanding Security (CELLOS) with the aim of
promoting secure cryptographic protocols, by bringing together and
sharing information on security of cryptographic protocols, based on the
results of previous research and development, discussing security issues
based on modern ICT systems, and publishing the resulting security

With involvement from universities, research institutions and companies
conducting research into cryptographic protocols all over the world, the
consortium will bring together, share and provide information on
security evaluation, and act as a reliable international hub for
research and development, in an effort to ensure a high level of
security for cryptographic protocols underpinned by an international
cooperative framework.

Through these activities, we determined that the consortium will make
significant contributions to improving network security, and continue to
enable people to use networks safely and securely in the future.

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